Thursday, 26 July 2018

         There may be many reasons why a Btech graduate opts for MBA as their higher education. Some of them may be because 
For more desirable career and pay.
Losing interest in present stream.
Pathetic quality of education.
Ease of cracking MBA entrances.
High level jobs & Management Positions.
With any one of the reason one may persevere an MBA for their higher education, now comes the real struggle of choosing specialization. A student falls in to a puzzle in what stream he would fit in to. Those guidelines and counseling’s will be given by MBA educational services.

    graduate can choose any of the specialization like HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Analytics, International Business, because they are the persistence for their subjects in their earlier course, whereas for a graduate those are new threads to start with. Hence, for a student it would be easier to choose a specialization which is in a succession for their earlier studies.
              An engineering student would be fine at technical aspects rather than in management studies, hence for them choosing technical specialization would be a better option and some of the companies like IT will also be interested in you as they find all background in one place.
List of these technical specializations in MBA are
1) MBA in IT Analyst  
2) MBA in  Business Analyst  
3) MBA in Tele communications Management
4) MBA in Production Management
5) MBA in systems Management
6) MBA in oil and petroleum
7) MBA in Project Management
8) MBA in Material Management
9) MBA in Airport Management\Air Traffic control 

              Above mentioned threads wont contain much different course, these will have MBA (Marketing\ operations\ HR\ Finance or Systems) plus added advantage of above domain knowledge.
              You will have a separate subject of above selected streams each trimester consisting right from the introduction. This makes you special in eyes of recruiters as they will find you well verse with technology as well as regulations.
              The work at companies will be nothing different than other people, in second year of MBA you are asked to choose specializations, so your career will be made from which stream you choose. Your selected stream would be a fancy ribbon to your profile which will surely attract employers.

                It is not compulsion that graduates should only choose technical specializations than management subjects but choosing above specializations would make a stand of difference in the eyes of recruiter. 

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