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Dual specialization MBA VS single specialization MBA

                  Firstly, specialization means becoming an expertise in the particular field or study. Dual specialization means a student has completed advanced MBA in two areas of concentration. Dual specialization is completely different from dual degree programme.
In the world of management education bugged with multitude choices, important aspects like choosing appropriate specializations in higher education make huge difference.  When there is an option of choosing two specializations one need to go for it because, a student can

Participate in more campus placement
Skill enhancement
Eligible for Job rotation
Versatility in career selection.
                    As I suggested choosing dual specialization is better option for a student, but he need to have zeal to excel in both the streams. If a person is so keen on only one aspect and does not want to peep in to any other subject, then choosing one specialization is appropriate for them though they have to be ready to face challenges.

Why dual specialization is helpful

                    For example, say I choose HR and marketing as my specialization courses, it means I’m eligible to sit in both the interview panels. If I have a better job option in Marketing than in HR I can directly go for a better option available. This advantage is only for those students who go with dual specializations.

  • In the present fast-moving world major companies are searching for those candidates who can be flexible to work in more than one stream. 
  • For example, a company is recruiting for the position of HR analyst, it means they only short list those candidates who has done specialization in HR stream and has knowledge of analytics.
  • An employee after working for several years and wanted to change his stream from one to another, it can only happen if you are specialized in dual subjects.

   Points to be remembered while choosing binary specialization

         Combination of both the specializations should not be too vague. Educational services would clear all the sceptics in choosing combinational specializations. It is important to know the fact that whatever specialization we choose, we should put considerable hard work to excel which would help us to transform in to competent professionals.

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Thursday, 26 July 2018

         There may be many reasons why a Btech graduate opts for MBA as their higher education. Some of them may be because 
For more desirable career and pay.
Losing interest in present stream.
Pathetic quality of education.
Ease of cracking MBA entrances.
High level jobs & Management Positions.
With any one of the reason one may persevere an MBA for their higher education, now comes the real struggle of choosing specialization. A student falls in to a puzzle in what stream he would fit in to. Those guidelines and counseling’s will be given by MBA educational services.

    graduate can choose any of the specialization like HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Analytics, International Business, because they are the persistence for their subjects in their earlier course, whereas for a graduate those are new threads to start with. Hence, for a student it would be easier to choose a specialization which is in a succession for their earlier studies.
              An engineering student would be fine at technical aspects rather than in management studies, hence for them choosing technical specialization would be a better option and some of the companies like IT will also be interested in you as they find all background in one place.
List of these technical specializations in MBA are
1) MBA in IT Analyst  
2) MBA in  Business Analyst  
3) MBA in Tele communications Management
4) MBA in Production Management
5) MBA in systems Management
6) MBA in oil and petroleum
7) MBA in Project Management
8) MBA in Material Management
9) MBA in Airport Management\Air Traffic control 

              Above mentioned threads wont contain much different course, these will have MBA (Marketing\ operations\ HR\ Finance or Systems) plus added advantage of above domain knowledge.
              You will have a separate subject of above selected streams each trimester consisting right from the introduction. This makes you special in eyes of recruiters as they will find you well verse with technology as well as regulations.
              The work at companies will be nothing different than other people, in second year of MBA you are asked to choose specializations, so your career will be made from which stream you choose. Your selected stream would be a fancy ribbon to your profile which will surely attract employers.

                It is not compulsion that graduates should only choose technical specializations than management subjects but choosing above specializations would make a stand of difference in the eyes of recruiter. 

Wednesday, 25 July 2018


               Goods and services, education has became most important aspects in our life’s. There are various institutions that offer education in the form of academics, technical instruction, and education in form of training's to millions of people every year.
When it comes to the positions of management an MBA is a prerequisite.

                A student can get an MBA degree from different types of institutions. In the present world there is “N” number of colleges emerging which offers an MBA and here comes the real challenge for a student to choose one particular institution to set up his career.

                Companies would choose a student from a premium institute to fill in a position. For a lay man it is difficult to choose an institution that would fit for his career growth, if he is able to do so those institutions would charge higher tuition fee and one may not be able to pay. Here comes the need for educational consultant services. The mission of any educational consultant services would be to help student community to choose finest career path.

                 Educational services would provide proper counseling and guidelines for students to choose what an individual aspires to be and also help in getting adequate financials to complete the course. Educational consultant services also help in providing direct admissions in to topnotch institutions.

Friday, 6 July 2018

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Paths to an MBA After Graduation

Many Paths to an MBA

                   Each of these programs aims to support students in acquiring the skills and information they need to make the most of the MBA experience. Between summer primer courses for undergraduates and deferred admissions programs, business schools are responding to college student interest in graduate management education.

                      If you’re a college student or recent grad thinking about an MBA, check out our  post for some advice: “Admissions Tip: Applying to


Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Cap Educational Services Career Advice Point

Career Advice Point 

Guidance in course selection, college, location, fees and student loan assistance with 100% placement assurance is what that sets us apart from others. We work very closely with colleges and assist students and parents in the selection of courses, keeping in mind the current market demand. We also equip the students in honing the skills required for successful placement.

Our journey with the student begins with registration for counselling till placement. This assures our continuous support to the student. We provide trustworthy solutions and services in moulding the career path at cost effective yet quality services to the student community.

College Selection and Admission:

Our dedicated team helps you with every stage of the process keeping in mind your requirements and the current market trend.

Student Loan Assistance:

We also assist in arranging for student loans with the assistance of the college chosen for admission.

English Speaking:

Our experts suggest and help you to hone your speaking skills and soft skills which actually are the indispensable part of formal and professional education.

Placement Assistance:

We at CAP, assure you 100% placement from our end as well, in case it isn’t provided by the college in which the student has taken admission.

Services Offered:

Admission Guidance
Career Counselling
Career Assessment
Career Development
Placement Assurance

Monday, 19 February 2018

By Choosing which MBA Program is Having Good Career ?

If only choosing which MBA to go for were as carefree as rummaging for the best candy in a pick-n-mix. It can, however, be just as delightful. Today, there is a splendid global selection of MBA program options available.

Having a good range of MBA program opportunities, not more than a Google search away is massive, but the process of making the final choice can be difficult.

Watch out on  various MBA program types. It is important to point out that the differences between one MBA program type and another are not always clearly there is a  a lot of flexibility.

MBA program types
The full-time MBA program

The full-time MBA is pretty much what it says on the tin. Participants of this program opt to either leave, or shelve their jobs, for between 10 and 24 months to take the full-MBA study plunge. Three program subtypes fall under the full-time umbrella. They are:

The two-year MBA

 Common in North America, this provides students with a summer internship opportunity halfway through the program. Participants of this longer program tend to have more opportunities to explore program electives, useful for career changers. Candidates tend to have less workplace experience.

The one-year MBA

  A more intensive, condensed option, better suited to those who have a clearer idea of their desired outcomes. There might be a greater focus on real-life projects and simulations. This is a format which is particularly popular in Europe, with more functionally-confident candidates enrolling slightly later in their career.

The distance online MBA

The distance online MBA is also a part-time degree, usually undertaken by students who want to remain in their current job role. For the majority of the program, participants study course materials via a designated software platform, and will interact with professors, mentors and peers using video conferencing, discussion threads, email and so on. Reputable programs are usually not conducted entirely remotely, featuring an on-campus requirement. This can be a residential leadership week at the beginning of the course, for example, or projects, events or conferences later on.

The part-time MBA

The part-time MBA degree is a full-time program equivalent studied over a longer period – often flexible. Students can continue in employment as classes are held during evenings, or over weekends. Traditionally these programs would require you to be on-campus for classes, so would be best suited to candidates who live in relatively close proximity to the school.

Want to know which are the best online MBAs? 

The executive MBA (EMBA)

The executive MBA is geared toward more senior professionals who want to combine their work with further study. Traditionally, they would be company sponsored, though recent years have seen an increase in self-funded candidates.

This part-time degree is usually offered in a modular format, where students can attend classes over a set number of intermittent residential weeks, or over weekends and evenings. EMBA programs can be fast-tracked so that they are completed in as little as 18 months, or studied over a longer duration.

An alternative is the global executive MBA , ideal for participants focused on conducting business on a multinational level. This MBA program type gives students the opportunity to study and get engaged in work projects cross-continentally – often visiting as many as six or seven countries over the duration of the program. 

Candidates can additionally apply to any increasing number of MBA programs.