Friday, 3 August 2018

Dual specialization MBA VS single specialization MBA

                  Firstly, specialization means becoming an expertise in the particular field or study. Dual specialization means a student has completed advanced MBA in two areas of concentration. Dual specialization is completely different from dual degree programme.
In the world of management education bugged with multitude choices, important aspects like choosing appropriate specializations in higher education make huge difference.  When there is an option of choosing two specializations one need to go for it because, a student can

Participate in more campus placement
Skill enhancement
Eligible for Job rotation
Versatility in career selection.
                    As I suggested choosing dual specialization is better option for a student, but he need to have zeal to excel in both the streams. If a person is so keen on only one aspect and does not want to peep in to any other subject, then choosing one specialization is appropriate for them though they have to be ready to face challenges.

Why dual specialization is helpful

                    For example, say I choose HR and marketing as my specialization courses, it means I’m eligible to sit in both the interview panels. If I have a better job option in Marketing than in HR I can directly go for a better option available. This advantage is only for those students who go with dual specializations.

  • In the present fast-moving world major companies are searching for those candidates who can be flexible to work in more than one stream. 
  • For example, a company is recruiting for the position of HR analyst, it means they only short list those candidates who has done specialization in HR stream and has knowledge of analytics.
  • An employee after working for several years and wanted to change his stream from one to another, it can only happen if you are specialized in dual subjects.

   Points to be remembered while choosing binary specialization

         Combination of both the specializations should not be too vague. Educational services would clear all the sceptics in choosing combinational specializations. It is important to know the fact that whatever specialization we choose, we should put considerable hard work to excel which would help us to transform in to competent professionals.

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